The Benefits of a Study Group

The Benefits Of A Study Group

Study groups are an efficient and excellent way of using the collective knowledge of your friends to work smarter not harder when it comes to school exams and papers. The last thing you want when studying is stress. 

One of the most nagging parts of having to study is that you are often alone in a room working for hours on end which is often depressing. 

With a study group you work together with your friends and student companions towards a common goal. You are still surrounded by meaning that you can easily take a break and re-energize your mind and body. The benefits of a study group are remarkable for all involved. Below are some of the more common benefits.

  1. With a scheduled study group that you have to attend several times a week you will find that you are unable to procrastinate. Due to the peer pressure of attending a study group from your friends you are less likely to sit in your room and procrastinate than if you were to study on your own. By all heading out the library, park or any other suitable place you will be more focused on studying than the lure of Facebook and day old pizza when on your own. Procrastination can only lead to frustration and might even have health consequences.
  2. When working with other people you will find that the rate at which you study increases. You will essentially learn faster as you pool your collective knowledge into solving a problem. The effect of studying with friends means it becomes competitive which can be beneficial for covering a new topic quickly.
  3. You can find new perspectives on subjects that you would have otherwise never stumbled upon. The way in which other people think can often surprise you. This is incredibly beneficial in those subjects were you need to form arguments and opinions on topics such as sociology, science or historical events. Two heads are always better than one.
  4. Last of all you and your friends will all learn new study skills which on the whole will improve the way in which you study, your rate of study and the absorption of the material at hand. As you study on your own you develop specific skills that work for you, some are good and some not so good. When studying with other people you can evaluate their skills which may in the end allow you to study smarter in the future.

It’s fairly evident that being in a study group is a great way to break the monotony of studying alone and an even better way in which to learn new skills and techniques. When choosing the location of where to meet for a study group make sure that you and your friends can be left alone in peace while you study without any major interruptions.