Spa DIY Craft Kits

Create a unique and personalized craft kit

Our Spa DIY Craft Kits are perfect for students, providing much-needed stress relief and respite from the demands of college life. These wellness kits are also great for faculty, staff, prospective students, and alumni. Each kit is available as a make-and-take option for onsite events or as a grab-and-go option for people on the move. Choose from our signature essential oil scents, or let us create customized kits for your event!

Aromatherapy Inhalers

Create your own aromatherapy inhalers with our exclusive formulas designed for maximum relaxation, mental clarity, and overall wellbeing. About the size of a chapstick, each inhaler's scent lasts for months. Whether you want a quick boost or a moment of calm, we provide an array of essential oils to suit every mood.

Massage Oil for Muscle Soreness (MOMS)

It's like having a massage therapist in a bottle. These aromatic infused oils alleviate pain faster than most over-the-counter pain relief products, without negative side effects. Make the perfect massage oil to ease any aching body after a hard workout, a long study session, or moving day soreness.

Sugar Scrubs*

Create your own all-natural sugar scrub to soften skin without drying it out. Made with our unique blend of pure, natural oils, these scrubs are rich in beta-carotene and vitamins D, C, and E. *You provide the sugar, we supply everything else. We'll let you know how much sugar you need based on the number of kits in your order.

Healing Stone Aromatherapy Bracelets

Each bracelet kit comes with real healing stones, aromatherapy lava beads, an inspirational charm, and all materials needed to make your bracelets. Kits also include your choice of our unique aromatherapy blends or individual pure essential oil scents. You'll also get info on the healing properties of each stone and which oil blends enhance which stones, along with positive affirmation cards based on the stones selected.

Zen Gardens

This DIY kit allows you to create your perfect Zen garden. Make your own sand design tools and create patterns with gem stones. Each kit includes an electric tea light and your choice of tray (8x8" square or 7x5” teardrop shape). There’s even room to add objects that are meaningful to you. Our DIY Zen gardens can easily be mailed in a flat rate box, making them ideal for virtual students and employees. Pyramid and larger crystal shown in image are not included.

Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Want a relaxing bath? Need an uplifting shower? Our bath bombs and shower steamers are easy to make, fun to use, and include your choice of essential oils. These bath bombs do not contain any harmful dyes or perfumes and are PH friendly to support sensitive female bodies. Only pure ingredients are used, leaving skin rejuvenated and muscles relaxed and happy.

Air Fresheners

Our Air Fresheners look great and smell even better. A simple product to make with long lasting enjoyment. Aromatherapy Air Fresheners come with fun, colorful water beads. They are a joy to look at and fun to play with. Students choose from 6 different essential oils to create their own blend or enjoy as a single note. Keep the cover on when not in use and open and enjoy the aromas as you study or relax in your room. Choose from essential oils that uplift, calm nerves, improve memory and make room for positivity. Blend suggestions are also provided. Minimum order are 50 kits and can be ordered in increments of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and more.

My Beastie Bestie Meditation Jars

These unique meditation jars are inspired by indigenous spirit animals. Participants can pick their personal animal based on its symbolism and learn more about the animals they are naturally drawn to. The Beastie Bestie Meditation Jars can be designed as snow globes, rain globes, or with your school colors. Enjoy watching the snow, rain, or colors fall as you learn to relax and stay present. Meditation jars come in increments of 48, 96, 144, 192, 240, 288 or more each with 12 different animals to choose from.

All Natural Lip Balm

Using organic ingredients each person creates their own lip balm, choose from 3 organic flavors. We provide everything you need to run the program. Typically needs 1 volunteer.

Foot Baths

Foot Baths are one of the best simple pleasures in life. And what better experience than having one with your favorite essential oils and water beads. Each student gets their own Foot Soak basin, water beads to make it that more special and the ability to make their own essential oil blend to show their gratitude to their feet that bring them wherever they need and want to go. Minimum order are 50 kits and can be ordered in increments of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and more. The more kits you purchase the more choices of essential oils students will have. Kits come with the benefits of each oil, ideas for blends or have students experiment with their own blend ideas.

SPA DIY Sample Kit

Sample Kit includes:
1 Sugar Scrub kit to be made
2 Aromatherapy Inhalers pre made
1 Massage Oil for Muscle Soreness ( MOMS) pre made
1 Aromatherapy Healing Stone Bracelets with 1 essential oil sample
1 Aromatherapy Waterbead Air Freshener to be made

Disclaimers: $50 of your sample kit may be credited back to you when you purchase SPA DIY kits totaling $700 or more, or get $75 back when you spend $1000 or more. You must select your Spa DIY and pay within 35 days or your sample order.