About Us

Our mission is to help colleges and universities make wellness a part of their community fabric in fun and informative ways.

The Sage Creators believe there’s more to a successful wellness or mobile massage event than just hiring massage therapists and other service providers. Each college and university has a personality, and we customize your event to reflect that.

The Sage Creators

We Take Care of People

Whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, our goal is to provide massage, Spa DIY kits, and meditative services that help people feel their best, do their best, and become the best version of themselves.

Meet the Team

Meredith Gansrow
Michael Gansrow
Jessica Zozzaro
Relaxation Consultant


Founded in 1996 by Meredith and Michael Gansrow, Massage on the Go USA pioneered mobile massage programs for college campuses. In 2023, Massage on the Go USA rebranded, expanding its vision and offerings to become The Sage Creators. We remain the leading and longest-running relaxation event company for colleges and universities, corporate and private events, providing the highest quality massage, spa DIY kits, and meditative services to your educational community.

Our firm is a proud member of the National Association for Campus Activities.