Study Break Ideas That You Should Do

Study Break Ideas That You Should Do

When at college, more often than not, you will find yourself sitting down for an inordinate amount of time trying to get as much studying done as possible; it’s pretty much a rite of passage for anybody attending college. It’s all good and well sitting down with a pot of coffee, the light on, all of your books and working for 5 hours straight. It does after all get the job accomplished, but at the same time it will start to takes its toll on your mind and body. The more that you commit without taking a break or rewarding yourself, the more you find the level and quality of your study decreases.

Our brains and bodies need a chance to recuperate after having to process so much information. To avoid these problems it is wise to take regular study breaks, where you do something that takes you away from the work and hopefully revitalizes you. It’s recommended that for every 50 minutes of study you take a 10 minute break, this makes it easy as you can divide your study periods up into nice hourly blocks.  This doesn’t mean you have to take 10 minutes every hour. If you’re planning to study for 5 hours in total you can take a 50min break in the middle, giving yourself a chance to do something more than grabbing a bite to eat. There are many things you can do to during your breaks to relieve stress, many of which you can find in the list of study break ideas below.

Things you should do on your study break:

  • Go out for a walk, this will give you some fresh crisp air, which is always stimulating after being inside for a while.
  • Have a stretch and sit down somewhere other than your desk for a few minutes to relax.
  • Do some exercises. Anything from going outside to going for a jog, to staying in your room and doing crunches is good for revitalizing your mind and body.
  • Do some reading, make sure it entertains you.
  • Spend some time on a hobby; you could have a project that you are devoted to completing during your study breaks. Super productive!
  • Have a healthy and light snack to eat.

Things you shouldn’t do on your study break:

  • Watch TV – You can watch discovery channel, but not garbage that will turn your mind off.
  • Eat a heavy meal as this will make you tired, and before you know it you will be sleeping.
  • Don’t use social networks as a study break, it’s all too easy to get absorbed and without realizing it you may have lost an hour or two.

Just remember that good study break ideas are ones that you enjoy and look forward to, and one that makes you feel rejuvenated and refocused to charge back into your studying for the remainder of the night.