The Graduation Gift that Keeps on Giving: Mobile Massage

The Graduation Gift That Keeps On Giving: Mobile Massage

The ceremonies, family gatherings, and pleasantries are in full throttle. Just how many gathering are there? But enjoy and relish the fact that you’ve graduated after four long years of school. You’ve got your degree. And your career pursuits are on.


You’re at home, you change into your favorite jammies and crash on the couch. What times does “Glee” come on? So many thoughts, anxieties, and questions—jobs, apartments, autos. Paychecks. A bubbling volcano is active. It rolls up through the legs, back, arms, fingers, neck and shoulders and explodes into back of your head, screaming like a fire-hot Van Halen concert. Likely diagnosis: S-T-R-E-S-S.

We suggest extinguishing the fire and putting a lid on the volcano. De-stress by making sure you ask for the graduation gift that keeps on giving. Massage. Mobile massage. So tell your friends they can get a variety of massages in a variety of locations. 

Let’s explain.

Real Convenience. While the common perception of massage is an experience at a massage facility, we offer massage service that makes it convenient for you. Our massage therapists hit the road and are found at colleges, health fairs and corporations. We’ve offered massages at malls and even private parties.

Real Experts. Did you know massage therapists must be licensed or certified? They do. Massage On The Go offers therapists offering one or the other. They are experienced and have demeanors that add to the relaxing and healing aspects of a quality massage.

Real Variety. Massage isn’t always just the neck or shoulders, nor is always lying on the bed, being partially disrobed, with a complete body massage. There are also added relaxation services and techniques. We’ve listed a few.

The Chair Massage. This is our most common service. The purpose of chair massage is to provide stress relief for our participants. Massage is a great way to introduce or continue the lifelong process of doing something healthy for one’s self that feels great. Our massage programs are both light-hearted fun and about feeling the pleasure of being alive.

The Event Massage. Event massage is all about technique and presentation. It takes more than technique to make an event massage therapist. They need to give a quality massage, understand the client’s needs and be comfortable in high-traffic public settings.

The Foot Massage. Relax your feet while waiting for your massage or have a separate foot massage station. Each person gets their own disposable foot booties to ensure cleanliness.

Aromatherapy. Get in touch with all your senses. Enjoy essential oil scents that are created to induce relaxation, energy and vitality and are a treat not only to your sense of smell but to your entire sense of well being. Massage aromatherapy refreshes and re-vitalizes.

The Henna Tattoo. Natural henna dyes and our henna artists give you the chance to experience the ancient body art of henna. The Henna tattoo typically lasts for 2-3 weeks. A great addition to any massage or spa event or multi-cultural event.

The Oxygen Bar. An Oxygen Bar is the perfect added attraction to any massage event. Each station has scent-filled oxygen giving each person a breath of fresh air to stimulate their senses. We have different oxygen bar stations to accommodate various amounts of people at a time.

So, when graduation gets you and your friends stiff and stressed, you know the graduation gift that keeps giving. Tell family. Tell friends. Massages really matter.