Help Your Friends Relax with a Neck Massage

Help Your Friends Relax With A Neck Massage

When days have passed and you are still cramming for your finals, its common place for stress and aches to take hold in your body. When hours have gone by and you’re hunched over a laptop or a book studying, it’s more often than not that these aches manifest themselves in the neck and shoulder regions. It’s quite common to tell if someone is stressed because their neck and shoulder muscles are incredibly tense, when in reality they should be relaxed.


A great way to relieve the stress and tension from the area is through a well performed neck massage. A neck massage will not only relieve the muscles it will also make you feel better and hopefully help you shed some of that stress too. This article will take you through how to give a great neck massage to someone else. If you are lucky, someone will return the favor.

  1. If you have a massage chair available then have your friend sit in that, but the chances are you don’t. In that case have your friend sit in a normal straight back chair instead.
  2. Have your friend sit with his or her back firmly against the back of chair and sit upright to give you access to their neck and shoulders.
  3. Start by massaging the lower sections of your friend’s shoulders. Use a firm circular motion with the palms and fingers of your hands.
  4. Massage the shoulders with your elbows as well, by rubbing them across the largest muscles of the shoulders in a circular motion once again.
  5. Once completed, it’s time to move onto the neck area. You will want to start by kneading the lower portions of their neck around their shoulders. Start at the bottom and move up, ever so slightly. You should periodically give the entire neck a once over during this period. Once you reach the base of the skull head back down the neck to the shoulders.
  6. Repeat the above steps as many times as it takes to feel a difference in the tightness in the shoulders. Change the direction in which you massage your friend’s neck and shoulders to give a thorough massage.

The idea with a massage is to be firm but gentle; you wouldn’t want to hurt your friend. Ask them if you’re applying to much pressure periodically, and before long you will have it just perfect. Once you have finished with your friend it’s time for you to take the seat and reap the benefits of your labors with your very own neck massage.